Make Your Easter Break Count

It’s Easter time – time for lots of chocolate, over-eating and spring walks. But, it’s also the time where the academic year has almost finished – yes, that’s right, finished.

It’s approaching exam time, deadlines and end of year nights out. For some of us, the end of the year can be stressful but remember that it’s nearly summer! Take a look at some tips to help you enjoy your Easter break but also how to use your time efficiently.

Pack and be organised

If your parents are picking you up from your student digs make sure you’re all packed up and ready to go when they get you. This allows for maximum time away but also shows your parents that you’re grown up now and don’t need their help. Also.. more time for food at home.. because you’re not that grown up just yet!

Revision If you’ve got revision to do..

make a nice colourful plan (the fun bit!) and stick it up in your room. Get up early and get it done – set aside an hour in the morning to go through key things. There’s no point over revising so do it in bitesize chunks.

Make the most of family time

 They’ll spoil you because they miss you and want to hear about all your uni stories and what you’ve been up to. Take time to visit your aunts, uncles and grandparents – they’ll really appreciate it.

Make time for your friends at home

This is a great time to meet up with old friends that you used to see all the time. Arrange to go out for food, out for drinks or just go round their house for a cup of tea and probably more free food!

Sleep and relax

The final term is probably the most important term of the year so make the most of the Easter break and use it to re-charge your batteries and get ready. The weeks will fly by and before you know it you’ll be sat in front of your exam paper – so make now count.

Now, go and enjoy your break and get ready for another term at University!

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