Make the most out of your second year

You’re approaching the end of your first year and you’re thinking how has it been 8/9 months already you’ve only just waved bye to your mum? First year is almost done and you’re looking ahead to your second year. So here’s a few tips to get you on your way.

If you’ve already picked your modules pick up your books and any other learning material you may need. This gives you time to get ahead of the game and start swotting up on the subjects over the summer. If you haven’t chosen your modules pick the ones you know you’ll exceed in and are interested in.

You might know the people in your second-year house so why not arrange a summer meeting at the house to talk through about all the bills and boring things so it’s all set to go when you move in.

You could also arrange a social event at your house or go on a Matalan or Wilko’s trip to kit out your house.

Invest in some good quality crockery and cutlery – you can get really good sets of kitchenware for a small price and it will last you for years even after you’ve graduated. Don’t buy too much though because one of you are bound to bring their whole kitchen from home with them!

It’s your second year and a chance to make a real difference on your University life. Other than correcting exam results that didn’t go so well you can also use this time to join a society or sports club now you’re more familiar with what you’re doing. Being part of a society is a great thing to do when you’re at Uni as it means you’re doing something away from your studies as well as making new friends.

This is a great chance to get a job or go travelling. You could work for two months and go travelling or on a long holiday. You could get some work experience related to your degree or do some volunteering. This is the best time to do something different.

Enjoy it – soon you’ll have years of full time work so make the most out of it.

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