Make The Most Of Your Student Card

One of the best things about university is your student card. Everything you may need from travel to beauty treatments is available with student discount so do make the most of it, you are paying £9000 a year after all. The least you can do is take full advantage of that card.

– Keep your student card with you at all times. You may need it for your bus ticket and you never know when a money saving opportunity may arise.

– You can upgrade your standard NUS card to an NUS extra. You do have to part with £12 a year for the privilege but if you use it often enough you will make that money back in no time at all.
The NUS extra has loads more offers for you to take advantage of too.

– Lots of places won’t advertise their student discount so whenever you are paying for ANYTHING, ask if they do student discount. You may be surprised.

– Sign up for your free uni days account online and you will find out about all the latest offers and get yourself some huge savings when shopping online.

– Smaller/local and independent shops may offer a discount too. It’s always worth asking here as they might not do it right now but could be persuaded otherwise if it’s going to bring them more custom.

– Big brands will occasionally do booted discounts for a limited amount of time. Keep your out for those as he discount can sometimes be as high as 75% off. That will for sure save you a pretty penny.

– You may not actually be a student anymore BUT you can in theory still use your student card. They usually have an expiry date so you can keep reaping the benefits until it has actually run out. Thank us later for that one.

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