Make The Most Of Your Summer

You don’t want to look back on your summer and regret your choice not to do more.

Don’t just wallow in your comfies watching Netflix series after Netflix series. It might sound appealing but the boredom will kick in. Here are a few ideas to get you going…

– Get A Summer Job

Even if it’s not linked to your career, getting a part-time job summer job will stop you getting bored, get you up and out the house AND give you a bit of spending money to do more fun things on your days off.

– Go Travelling

This may take months of careful planning and saving or you could just wing it and book last minute flights and travel for the entirety of the summer.

go for a short holiday, backpack across Europe or holiday closer to home. Any type of traveling/trip gives you experiences that shape us as humans.

Get out and explore!

– Volunteering

Volunteering looks fantastic on your CV and believe it or not it’s not all about doing shifts at your local charity shop.

Whether you want to build schools in Senegal, work a festival or volunteer at your local library there will be a job for you. Check these sights below for a little more information…

– do-it

– ProjectsAbroad


– Student Universe

One thing to note is that sometimes (especially in conservation) you have to pay to volunteer.

– Networking And Internships

We know that internships are renowned for being poor pay if there is any pay at all BUT it is a sure fire way to get involved with your chosen career.

There may not be a job for you once your internship is over but it may open up a great opportunity for you after. Networking will give you the potential to find work elsewhere within that industry with the people you have already met and proved your work ethic too.

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