Make The Most of Your Time Before Uni Starts

Whether you’re just about to start uni for the first time or a returning student, there is now just a few months before uni starts. The weather is warm and summer is now in full swing. You should make the most of this time before things get a lot busier. Here are a few things you should consider in the weeks leading up to the start of uni.

You Should Travel

Whether you like having an adventure or a relaxing holiday, you should get away and make the most of all this availability you have. De-stress and take a break, that way you can start uni with a fresher mindset as opposed to spending the weeks leading up to uni feeling quite stressed.

Relish Boredom

Once the first semester begins you will have lots to keep you busy, so enjoy the fact that you have free time and can sleep in during the morning. Read a book, paint, watch the TV, go for a walk, whatever you enjoy doing, make time for it.

Spend Time With Friends & Family

Cherish spending some quality time with both your friends and family. Depending on how far you’re travelling for university, you will probably be seeing less of them. It’s normal for homesickness to kick in once you start uni but you will soon get familiar with your new surroundings. It’s worth keeping photos of loved ones and have mementos that provide good memories.

Get Tasks Complete

If you have a to do list then this would be an appropriate time to get it complete. Make sure you are well prepared for uni so that the nearer it gets the less worry you have. Check that all forms have been completed and finance sorted, books, pens and other accessories have all been purchased.

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