Manage your stress during exam season

Exam season is approaching and many of you will be feeling the stresses mounting up. We’ve put a few ideas together to help you combat any anxieties you may have around exam and deadline time.

Make a plan

…and stick to it. Make sure your deadlines are completed on time and ensure there isn’t too much of a last minute rush.

Calculate the ‘last minute rush’ into your plan – because something always comes up unexpectedly.

Stop comparing yourself

Firstly, don’t get too caught up on what others have done – most of the time they’re elaborating on the truth so don’t read into it.

No matter how ���together’ a person can seem, we would be incredibly surprised if they are coping as well as you think. Everyone feels the pressure this time of year, so focus on your deadlines and getting through them as best you can.

Remember, ‘comparison is the route of all unhappiness’ so just focus on you.

You will be okay

– Remember why you are there – you are more than capable.

– You have worked hard all year – make all your hard work count.

– Remember, you’ve been learning this stuff all year, this is just revision.

Invest time in yourself, here are a few things I like to do:


Grab a coffee.. or anything to help you refocus. Treat yourself to a break to clear your head. It’s a good way to get a screen break as well.

Arrange to meet your friend for half an hour – this way you’ll feel better about what you’re doing and release some tension.

Get up early

Get up early and start getting things done in the morning. Although a duvet day can seem appealing it’s not very productive for your work load.

Eat healthily

– During exam season it’s so easy to stay sat down for longer periods of time so you need to make time to get up and move around.

– Invest in some healthy snacks to have in the house so you can snack on them in the library.

Do some exercise

Or doing something active. It’s a good way to de-stress and get a break.

Be social

This is so important as it reminds you, you do in fact have a life outside of working all day. Don’t feel guilty about this as you need it to feel normal and vent your stresses.

Go back home for a weekend

Sometimes, family time is the perfect way to remind you that everything will be ok. Go and visit family you haven’t seen in a while and have a big catch up – you never know they might have some top exam tips from when they were at Uni!

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