How To Manage Your Time Effectively

Are you struggling with your time management at university?

It can be especially hard during the first year. Trying to balance your studying, lectures, work and a social life can be particularly hard.

By the time the second year rolls around you really need to be on your A game with organisation and timekeeping.

– Societies

It’s great to join a society or two during your time at uni. They are not only a great place to meet like-minded people but a chance to do something different.

Don’t go joining every society that takes your fancy though because you simply won’t have the time. Joining a society usually means a weekly commitment so think when you can actually fit it in.

– Timetables

Get yourself a diary or a timetable you can pin up on your wall. It makes it easier to visually see what time you have available hour by hour.

Put down all of your classes, sport/society meetings and any appointments down you may have.

– To Do Lists

Having a weekly to-do list will help you similarly to a timetable. Cross off each one as it has been done and aim to have each one gone by the end of the week.

If you write your list in order of priority. Don’t procrastinate with the important stuff either. You may find if you leave it until last minute it could negatively impact your work.

– Be Realistic

Typically, students are expected to dedicate 35 hours a week to studying. This includes university lectures and at home studies. It’s practically a full-time job so do be realistic with the amount of ‘spare’ time you have.

Reasses and review your time keeping schedule to see what is working for you and where you can make changes if need be. Don’t forget to factor in ome friends and family time too.

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