Money Saving Techniques Whilst At University

It’s easy to start spending every penny of your student loan as soon as the first week of your studies arrive. There is a lot of expenditure you need to consider, including bills, travel, food and drink. Saving money becomes more important once you’re a student. Here are a few money saving tips to help you keep those pennies in your pocket.


Make the most of the different discounts that are available to you as a student. Your student card will become useful for all sorts of discounts, including buying food and drink to your transport to get around. You are not just limited to discounts as a student, as you will often find coupons or vouchers available to anybody.

Cashback Websites

Shopping through websites such as Quidco and Topcashback will earn you cashback on most of the major retailers. Just remember to shop through these cashback sites when you make the purchase.

Food Shopping

Plan what you are going to eat for the week ahead. Consider making some sandwiches for the daytime and filling up a bottle of water to take around with you. If you are buying lunch and drinks everyday then this will soon total up to quite an expenditure.

Use Comparison Websites

There are many different price comparison sites on the internet for you to compare the pricing of a particular product at different stores. is one of the popular comparison sites to find the cheapest deals in the supermarkets.

Charity Shops

You might find that lamp you’ve been wanting for your study area or books of interest. Whatever it might be, it’s worth searching in a local charity shop in order to save on retailers prices and you will also be donating to a charity at the same time.


Set yourself a weekly and monthly budget so that you never end up being low on funds. Make note of the most important things you need to get each week and it’s worth leaving a little extra in the case of emergencies such as unforeseen expenditure from billing.


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