How to feel more at home in your uni digs

Moving to university can be a daunting experience. Meeting new people, socialising, exploring a new city and starting independent study. Having a space to go to that feels like home can help you to recharge and relax after a long day. 

With our guide to furnishing your room you won’t have to break the bank to make it your own! 

First things first, start on the centrepiece of your room, the bed. Picking out some nice bed sheets that make you feel comfortable is so important, whether they are vibrant and colourful or calm and simple so the focus can be on your throws and pillows. Although the bed is the centre of your room and you want it to look nice, remember that it will need to be comfy for you to get enough good quality sleep for those dreaded 9am lectures, so although some pillows can look nice, remember to make sure they are comfortable. 

Adding pictures of your family, friends, pets and favourite places can make you feel more at home, if you have a pin board or a whiteboard in your room you can pop them on there, however; if you have neither of these and still want to display things on your walls, command hanging strips are a great option and leave no marks on your walls for when they need to come down at the end of the year. 

If extra lighting is your thing LED lights or fairy lights would be a great option. They add warmth to your room and make it look more relaxed. These can be bought for the best prices from Amazon or Primark.

When thinking about what you want to buy before you move in, just go for the basics and things you know you are definitely going to use. Then once you have moved in you can start to think about the extra things you will need, don’t go splashing your budget on extra furniture bits as you may find your accommodations already provide it! When thinking about buying things you will be using in the communal areas make sure you check with your flatmates first as they may have already bought a lot of things that you could all split the cost and share. 

Mezzino properties all come furnished with a bed (some properties even have double beds as standard!) Other furnishing items will all vary depending on location so check out our website to see what your accommodation includes. 

The most important thing to remember is that your room is your own space and to make it as personal as you would like, we can’t wait for you to make Mezzino your home!

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