Essentials to buy that you will actually use at university

It’s all too easy to get prepared for university by splashing out an extensive new wardrobe or a brand-new games console with a load of new games. These treats are tempting but are they essentials that you will really use at university? 

This blog talks about the essential things that we recommend you buy for university that you need and will use. Trust us it will be money well spent!  


Whilst you’re at university, you’ll spend a good chunk of your time in your room studying or relaxing in the communal areas in your student accommodation. 

You need to be both comfortable and stylish so some jazzy joggers, swanky sweaters, perfect pyjamas or a dashing dressing gown must be on your purchase list. 

Take a look at the what’s included section for each Mezzino accommodation location to see what shared facilities are available for you to parade your new loungewear. Dependent on the Mezzino location, you might have access to a cinema room, a lounge, roof terrace, games rooms and access to sports channels.  

Streaming service 

After a hard day studying what better way to relax before bed than to catch up on your latest series or enjoy a film. There is a host of streaming services you can get and many have offers for students or new subscribers. 

And at Mezzino you don’t need to worry about accessing the internet as all our locations have access to high quality fast WiFi. 

Gym membership

Keeping active boosts your health and wellbeing. 

Access to a well-equipped gym near your student accommodation means you can easily drop in for a quick workout. Getting in a few miles on the treadmill will help you get ready for the day or alleviate the stress of studying. 

Fortunately, many of the Mezzino locations come with an on-site gym that is yours to use and is included in your room price! Don’t forget you can arrange a viewing or book a video viewing to see what’s on offer at all our locations. 


The beauty of headphones is that they allow you to become completely immersed in the music you are listening to or film you’re watching. The quality of the audio experience is likely to be better and the personal experience gives you some solid time out. 

Do invest in wireless headphones to give you the freedom to get comfy or dance to your heart’s content. 


Be it a desktop or laptop you’ll be on your computer a lot at university. A computer is central for most activities these days – studying, working, shopping, gaming, communicating and watching television and film. 

This might be your biggest investment you’ll make so choose wisely. There is lots to think about even if you are attached to a particular brand. Memory, processing power, security, size, battery life, weight and price are considerations that you need to research before parting with your cash. 

Buying a computer is probably not an area that you should skrimp on as you need one that is fast and reliable. There is nothing more frustrating than a computer that takes an age to start, has a mind of its own or quickly runs out of memory. 

You’ll also need to budget for any programs your course requires and remember that more specialist programmes could need a computer with higher specifications.  

Focusing on the essentials first is sensible but a treat can be important too. Next time our blog will talk about how you maintain your health and wellbeing at university. 

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