New Years Resolutions For University Life

Happy New Year!

A new year is a great place for a fresh start, to put anything in place you’ve been meaning to especially after a Christmas break.

Here a few ideas to get you started…

– Stop Procrastinating Now

If you are a student, or just a human in general and don’t procrastinate in some way… teach us.

What is it that makes you procrastinate?

What can be done about it?

Make a list the things you avoid doing and try and cross each one off without going off to make a cup of tea or scrolling through Insta. Leave your phone in another room and have water and snacks handy.

– Health

We are not saying follow the masses and start a January diet here, oh no. It’s just that we could all be a little healthier, couldn’t we?

Our brains and bodies need goodness and water, lots of water.

Take a water bottle around with you at all times and instead of grabbing some chips on the way home, try baked homemade ones instead. Walk to your lecture instead of getting the bus.

Making a few concious choices makes all the difference.

– Be Organised

Whether you are a first year or second or third, those first few months of a term are usually a blur of settling in and socialising.

Start the new year by actively being more organised your uni work, job (if you have one) and your social calendar.

Have a diary/calendar handy at all times and write EVERYTHING in it you need/want to do. This will help you avoid double booking yourself or simply just doing too much.

– Spend Less Money

Living alone can be a huge shock to the system as well as your bank balance.

If you really want to spend less this year think of a few simple changes you can make…

– Stop buying takeaway tea/coffee. It’s so overpriced and really adds up quickly if you are getting more than one a week. Invest in travel coffee mug and make coffee at home and take it with you.

– Do you really need to buy a new item of clothing EVERY time you go out? No, we don’t think so either.

– Don’t buy that takeaway pizza, have a cheaper pre-bought one ready for when you get home.

– Walk to your lectures instead of public transport.

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