Our Selection of the Best Apps for Students

It’s hard to see how students could possibly live without their smartphones. From easy access to social media accounts and mobile banking to easy-to-follow recipes and, of course, Wikipedia, many students’ lives revolve around their mobile phones. While this incessant mobile use might gain young people a bad rap from older generations, these little devices can actually be a godsend, thanks to the huge variety of apps available for purchase, and in many cases, for free!

We’ve made a list of some of the best apps for students that could help to make your life easier during your time at university.


It’s no secret that maths can be tedious and frustrating– especially for those students who aren’t pursuing a particularly math-centric degree. Luckily, the Mathway app offers an easy way to keep on top of any surprise calculations you might find yourself having to make.

This app allows you to simply take a photo of the calculation or equation that you’re facing and watch Mathway work its magic. Whether you are just after a quick answer or a more detailed breakdown, this app produces a step-by-step guide that you can refer to!

Best of all, Mathway is free to download on Android and IOS systems.


There is no way around it – writing essays is stressful and laborious – and that’s without considering the dreaded bibliography. There is nothing worse than writing a cracking essay filled with intriguing sources and brilliant insights just to find that you dropped some pointless marks because the bibliography wasn’t set out as it should be.

Easybib was created to take all the guesswork out of forming your bibliography. With all the major reference styles – including Harvard – turn your book, research, and internet sources into accurate references in a jiffy! Send or save your references so that you can simply copy and paste them into your essay!

Easybib is free to download on Android and IOS systems.


It’s no secret that lecture theatres often become a breeding ground for yawns and eye-rubbing as tired students try to keep their eyes open. During these, seemingly too frequent, lectures, many students long a way to absorb the undoubtedly valuable information emitting from their lecturer without actually having to look or listen…

This might sound impossible, but Soundnote decided to prove the nay-sayers wrong! This app allows you to record all of the invaluable insights being discussed around you to be listened to later – you know, just in case you missed something in your detailed notetaking! All jokes aside, this is a great tool to backup your notes and give you piece of mind!

Soundnote is priced at £4.99 and is only available on Apple (iPad).


If you prefer to take your own notes in the moment but are tired of searching through extensive stretches of text later for a specific insight, then Evernote is the app for you. This app allows you to sync your notes across all of your devices, so you will never be without the information you need!

Evernote can even transform your written notes on paper to a digital version which can again be saved across your devices! It’s easy to find that point you have been looking for – simply search a keyword or phrase and Evernote will show you all of the times this cropped up in your notes!

Evernote is free to download on Android and IOS systems.

Circle of 6

Aside from all the apps that can help you with your studies, there is also a huge selection of cool apps that are more focused on student lifestyle. A big part of the university experience is socialising with friends and new people, but sometimes fun turns into disaster.

Circle of 6 is an app which is focused on the safety of students. This app allows you to select up to six contacts of your most trusted friends and family who you would want to be alerted if you find yourself in a sticky situation. In two taps, the app will send a pre-programmed text to your circle alerting them to your whereabouts. In addition, Circle of 6 can connect you to online sexual health resources as well as 24/7 hotlines.

Circle of 6 is another great app that is available for free download on Android and IOS systems.


The stereotypical student diet has prompted many resources from cookbooks to discounted meals – however, BigOven is our top pick for student cooking apps. Batch cooking pasta and salad is a great tip to make the most out of your shopping, but repeating your meals this way can, no doubt, get boring.

BigOven takes a different approach, making it easy to transform whatever is left on the bottom shelf of the fridge or the back of your cupboard, into a tasty meal! Simply input your available ingredients and let BigOven provide you with some easy recipes – it really is as easy as that!

BigOven is free to download for Android, IOS, and Windows systems.

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