Planning An Interrailing Trip?

Interrailing is an extremely popular way to travel and see some of the world while keeping the cost down.

Follow our top tips to make your interrailing trip the best experience it can be…

– Budget

Although interrailing is more cost-effective than conventional ways of traveling you will still need to budget, especially if you are going for a substantial amount of time.

Don’t risk your safety by sleeping in train stations like some others do. If you budget correctly and allocate a daily allowance for accommodation you will be fine.

Hostels are extremely cheap and you can now purchase interrailing passes from sites such as

You can buy single passes for one county or global passes that usually covers…

Great Britain, France, Germany, Norway, Sweden, Austria, Belgium, The Netherlands, Luxembourg, Finland, Republic Of Ireland, Italy, Spain, Switzerland, Croatia, Denmark, Greece, Hungary, Poland, Portugal, Romania, Bulgaria, Czech Republic, FYR, Macedonia, Serbia, Slovakia, Slovenia & Turkey.

If you are planning on traveling a lot, this will be your best option.

You can travel on the night trains in sleeping cabins for an extra fee, you can pre-book hostels or chance it and rock up on the day sharing a dorm or a single room and you can even camp along the way. Europe has some pretty special camping spots and its the cheapest form of accommodation so don’t disregard it.

– The Language

Learn the lingo before you go.

Either buy a phrase book or download a language tutorial app to help you understand signs and be able to greet people in their own language.

If you can say hello, goodbye, please, thank-you and a few simple phrases you should be fine getting by.

– Packing

Your traveling time is going to be high, you will be spending a lot of time on trains so it’s sensible to take an e-reader loaded with books, a pack of cards and possibly some travel games.

Ideally, you only want to be taking one backpack but don’t forget you will have this with you at ALL TIMES so you don’t want to take anything too big and heavy.

Lay out everything you want to pack and pick out the absolute essentials. Keep in mind that you can wash clothes along the way.

Suncream, a hat, phone charger, a raincoat, toothbrush and toothpaste, and shower gel are all essentials you WILL need. Add to this list sensibly.

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