‘Prinks’ Cocktail Ideas

Pre-drinks or ‘prinks’ as they are now widely known can save you so much money on your nights out. It’s also a great opportunity to get the gals around and make some purse friendly cocktails in your own home.

Cheap bottles of cider and cans of own brand lager is a thing of the past after all.

Here are our favourite recipes…

– Green Ghost

A gin cocktail using only 3 ingredients, ice, and a cocktail shaker.

Fill your shaker with ice and all your liquids, shake for around 15 seconds and you are done.

– Margarita

Treat yourself to a decent tequila and you shouldn’t have to counteract it with a sugar syrup.

Tequila, Cointreau and fresh lime juice can make you a pretty banging margarita. Add coarse salt to the rims of the glasses and lime wheels for garnish.

– Dark & Stormy

Serve this cocktail in a tall glass and add in layers.

Add fresh lime juice, then ginger beer and then a dark rum on top. Don’t stir.

– Espresso Martini

This recipe takes a little it of prep work. Make a simple sugar syrup in advance and leave to cool.

Mix together with vodka, coffee liqueur, freshly brewed espresso and plenty of ice in a shaker for a good 10-15 seconds to get the froth.

– Lemon & Elderflower Fizz

This prosecco and prosecco based cocktail comes complete with a lemon sorbet garnish.

It can all be mixed in a large jug too for pouring convenience.

– Classic G&T

The secret to this classic G&T is to mix half soda water with half tonic water.

– Michelada

If you are lager girls at heart but want to step it up a notch then try this spiced lager cocktail.

Yep, that’s right, a lager cocktail.

It even has a salt, chilli powder and black pepper spice mix on the rim of the glass.

– Bellini

So easy to make and only uses 2 ingredients.

Prosecco and Peach Puree. You can’t go wrong with this one.

– Jammie Dodger Shots

3/4 fill a shot glass with Chambord and top with double cream and a sprinkle of sugar.

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