The Pros And Cons To Taking A Gap Year

You may have considered a gap year already whether it’s straight out of A-levels or after university to take a break from studying, gain some work experience or to go traveling. It’s important to be aware of the pros and cons of taking a gap year before making your decision.


– A gap year has the potential to teach you so much more than any classroom could.
– Spending your gap year abroad whether it’s for travel or work will provide you with a wealth of cultural awareness.
– If you go travelling, it’s likely to be the longest you holiday you will ever get to have.
– You could spend a year working and saving which could take a huge financial burden off your shoulders for when you get to university.
– Taking a year to work as an intern in your chosen profession can work wonders for your studies and for landing that job role after uni.
– You can focus on your passion and really find what you want to do in life. Many students regret their choice of course and end up dropping out of university within the first two years.


– Going travelling for any amount of time can be seriously expensive. Proper planning needs to be in place otherwise you may end up in a bad financial situation.
– You may have big plans for your gap year but instead, end up staying at home with your parents and binge-watching Netflix while all your friends are at university living their best lives.
– Going back to study or work after a year out may make the transition a difficult one for you.
– You will be a year behind all your friends by the time you go back to study and also a year behind when it comes to getting a job after.

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