Quick And Easy Food Ideas

Let’s be honest here, you could probably live off beans on toast but you really shouldn’t. We know it’s super quick and easy to make but all those carbs and lack of vegetables will not make for a productive brain or digestive system.

If your cooking skills leave a lot to be desired, fear not, these easy, basic but tasty meals will see you through your student days…

Nachos – Super quick, super easy and really filling. Keep the cost down by making them veggie and share them with your flatmates.

Fried Rice – If you use microwave rice for this recipe, it really is a one pot super speedy dish. You can also load it with whatever veggie you like to try and reach your 5 a day.

Fajitas – Show me a person that doesn’t love a fajita. It’s easy to assemble your own fajita at the table so everybody can pick and choose what they like and how they build it. We all have a specific way, right?

Chicken Stew – Fancy something hearty for that rainy day? This chicken and vegetable stew with a marmite kick is perfect.

Quesadilla – Almost like a toastie with a Mexican twist using wraps instead of bread. Quesadilla can be filled with almost anything as long as it contains cheese to stick it all together.
Great as a snack or as a meal with some crunchy coleslaw.

Pasta – Pasta dishes are a common student staple. Have a look here for lots of recipe ideas.

Stir Fry – Make this stir-fry recipe with meat or Tofu. Go further and make it vegan with rice noodles instead of egg noodles.

Bagels – Got those pizza cravings? Bagel pizzas are the way forward. Top them with tomato puree, cheese and all the toppings you like. Classic butter, cream cheese or even peanut butter and banana are good bagel toppings too.

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