How to save Money On Student Nights Out

It’s inevitable that you are going to have a fair few nights on the town especially with freshers week being a week long drink fest. Students apparently spend an average of £50 a week on nights out BUT it is part of student life and lets face it, the drinks aren’t getting any cheaper.

Here are out top money saving tips…

Prinks (Pre-drinks) – If you are going out drinking, it makes sense to maybe go out slightly later and have a few drinks in the comfort of your room with your pals instead. This will save you some serious cash and bar queuing time.

Go Out Early – Fancy a club? Then get there early. We’re not talking too early but a lot of clubs waver an entry fee (usually before 11pm) and some even have early bird drinks offers before a certain time too.

Set A Budget – Think about your maximum spend budget for the night (including taxi fare) and just take that out with you in cash, leave you bank card at home.
There’s nothing worse than the shock of checking your bank balance after a night out with the debit card, realising you’ve blow your food budget for the next two weeks.

Tuesdays Are The New Saturdays – Contrary to popular belief, partying doesn’t only happen at the weekends. Most Towns/Cities will have specific student nights full of drinks discounts so go and make the most of those.

Share Transport – Not only is it the safer option (please don’t travel alone) but if there is a group of you it can actually work out super cheap.

Stay In – I know this doesn’t count as going out but it is a good old money saver. You don’t have to drink either. You can get all your mates round, get your pj’s on, buy some snacks and watch movies instead.
Be warned though, you may get a serious case of FOMO!

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