How To Save Your Student Budget At Festivals

It’s officially summer and although Glastonbury has been and gone, there is still plenty of festivals to enjoy during the summer across the UK and beyond.

It’s also the end of revision and exam confinement and you deserve a damn good weekend dancing your err… wellies off in a field.

You’ve more than likely forked out a hefty sum of money for your weekend ticket, travel and camping and when you are there things do not come cheap.
With your backpack full of flower crowns and glitter, now’s the time to think about how not to blow your entire uni budget on a long weekend.


Of course it goes without saying that you want to look good, especially with the amount of Insta pics that will be flying about BUT do not attempt to wear your best gear. If you are staying in the UK then it is more probable that rain will grace your weekend rather than glorious sunshine and mud ruins everything!
You don’t want to be replacing all those clothes as soon as you get back now do you?

Phone Charging

Although there may be a few FREE charging points at some festivals it’s more likely that they will sting you and charge for use of the charger ports so think ahead and take a portable charger. You can pick these up relatively cheap now and it will never go unused.
You don’t want to run out of charge just as you lose your pals now do you?

Stick to budget

I know I know it sounds sensible and boring but being savvy with your money may just save the day. There is booze to be bought and you may have to think about feeding yourself at some point. Different festivals have different rules about how much and which consumables you can take with you so do check that out before hand and try and take as much as possible wth you.

Festivals food and beer is renowned for being expensive.

Also try and set yourself a realistic spend limit , you don’t want to get to day three and be all out of cash especially on a hangover.


Festivals are always looking for working volunteers to help litter pick, give out wristbands at the entrance and work the bars in return for the cost of your ticket. There is usually one catch to this though, you have to pay the ticket price upfront and get the money back after the festival providing you actually turn up to work.

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