How To Save On Travel At Uni

Unless you’re walking everywhere you’re going to have to pay for travel during your time at University.

However, there are several ways you can save money, have a look at some of our top tips!

Be more fuel efficient

If you want to keep your own car at University then changing a few of your driving habits could get you up to 33 per cent further on a tank of fuel, according to the AA. Ways of making the most out of your fuel include not over-revving your engine, keeping tyres at the right pressure, not using air conditioning, taking the roof rack off, driving in the right gear and not stopping and starting the car aggressively.

Hire a car

If you are unable to afford a car at university but miss the freedom of having your own transport, then car hire is a good option. If you need to get your shopping done, do a work placement, get to lectures and seminars or have an interview then hiring a car is a cheaper alternative than having your own.

On your bike

Cycling is a good way of travelling around as it means you can get fit and save money at the same time.

Get an Uber

Studies have shown that a one mile journey in an Uber taxi can be almost one and a half times cheaper than taking a black cab. You can also download the app straight to your phone to make it even easier.

Cut down on train costs

Make sure you plan your train trips as much as possible because it could save you a lot. Getting a railcard for just £30 a year will often pay for itself after a couple of long trips. It enables you to get a third off your tickets on most routes. Getting a three-year Railcard online will cost £70 which will save you £20 overall.

If you travel in London, Oyster cards are a must-have for any student and can be used on the tube, buses and most local over-ground trains.

Take a coach

Getting a coach usually takes longer but it’s almost guaranteed to be cheaper than making the same journey by train. For example, offer some fares from as little as £1 + 50p booking fee. Being flexible about what time of day you travel, purchasing off-peak tickets and booking in advance can all bring the cost of traveling by coach down.

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