Saving Money On Travel

However you plan to get about whilst at uni, there are several ways in which you can save money on travel during your studies. Student discount is not just limited to restaurants and clothing but you can also save on travel too. Here are a few options to consider.


There are railcards available for people aged between 16-25. You can choose a yearly railcard for £30 or 3 years which costs £70, the latter giving you a £20 discount. This gives you a third off many off-peak train journeys nationwide.


You could choose to cycle to university. This way you can keep fit and save money at the same time. Have a look at the local cycling routes as many universities are becoming more cycle friendly with cycle lanes.


Uber is a popular way for getting about any city and is cheap too in comparison to other taxi companies. You may also find that you get a discount on your first ride. Uber will come in very useful especially if you are planning on having a few nights out.


If you are at a university that has a tram service then you might find that there is a stop close by to your university or place of residence. Discount is usually available for students on tram travel so have a look on the tram operators website.

Hire A Car

If you miss the freedom of having your own car and want to avoid public transport then hiring a car could be an option. You could choose to hire a car for a particular period of time just to cover a busier schedule. Having a car could come in handy when having to carry lots of items such as furniture or groceries. You could also consider sharing a car with someone. This would cut down the costs of hiring one just for yourself.

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