Seven tips for your interrailing trip

Whether you’ve finished University or you’re planning your summer holidays, we look into why interrailing in Europe may be a good and cost effective way to see some of the world!

We’ve come up with some top tips to help you along your way and plan to help you have the best experience possible on your interrailing adventure.

Pack lightly

The last thing you want to be worrying about is carrying around a massive heavy backpack with you everywhere you go. It won’t only be inconvenient it will cause you back problems. You need to lay everything out on your bed of things you want to pack and halve it. You really need to be pack as light as possible and just take the essentials.

Budget realistically

Don’t be unsafe just to save on money. Some people will go travelling or interrailing and sleep rough in train stations – this just isn’t worth it as you’re not well rested. You need to make sure you’re eating properly and keeping hydrated as much as possible.

Be selective with your company

They say you only really get to know your friends, family and partner if you travel with them. Travelling can be very intense as it’s un natural to be spending that much time with one or two other people. If you have an argument make sure you resolve it straight away.

Always book accommodation in advance

Although you’ll want to be spontaneous, it puts your mind at rest if you have a hotel or hostel booked in advance. You want to enjoy your time in the amazing places more if you don’t waste it wandering around looking for somewhere to stay.

Buy souvenirs carefully

It’s nice to have a token of the travels you’ve been on but buy them carefully as you don’t want to be lugging them around with you. You could always arrange to send them back home but this can be expensive so be careful.

Learn a few basic greetings

If you’re not fluent, then try to learn a few very basic phrases in the local language. At least know how to say please and thank you. The easiest way of doing this is to download a language tutorial app or buying a phrase book. It will help you if you can understand things like signs, greetings and asking where the toilets are!

Prepare for long journeys

You need to be ready to travel for long hours. The train journeys can be long and tiresome, especially the slower local ones. So think about packing small travel games to help pass the time.

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