Simple Tips For Exam Success

It’s okay to not be okay at all times when it comes to exam stress. After all, your career could be riding on these exam results. 

There are simple ways to manage your exam stress and get the results you want…


Organisation is absolute key here. Don’t just read your notes the evening before and expect them to be implanted in your brain. Don’t do all your studying in one go and overload yourself with information either. 

Set yourself a study schedule and just do around 45minutes at a time then take a break. 

Study With Friends 

Have friends studying the same subjects? Why not get together and study as a couple or even a group?

It is actually extremely motivating to study with others that have the same goals as you. Each person can bring different perspectives and also moral support to each other. 

Manage Your Stress 

Exam stress is perfectly normal but too much of it can put a negative effect on your studies, which will, in turn, impact negatively on your exam results. 

Take breaks and still do the things you enjoy doing socially. Being stuck in the library for hours on end won’t help. Eat well, exercise, and spend time chilling with your pals. 

Don’t Suffer In Silence

If you feel you don’t quite understand something on a certain topic, speak up! 

Your tutors are there to teach and guide you. Ask them to talk you through anything you don’t understand. they will gladly assist. 


You might think studying until 3 am is a great idea, it isn’t! How much information do you think you actually retain when you are tired? 

Sleep and rest are vital to exam success so make sure you are getting a full 8 hours a night. 


Avoid the last minute rush on the morning of your actual exam by packing everything you need in your bag the night before.

Eat Breakfast  

Hunger or dehydration will slow down your brain so get up early enough to have a decent breakfast. Something healthy would be preferable for some slow release energy. 

In The Exam Room 

Breathe deeply to gain focus and read the instructions carefully, then read them again. 

Never rush through an exam. If you feel you can’t answer a question, move on and come back to it later. Never ever leave an exam early, even if you ‘think’ you are finished. Always go back and read through your answers. 


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