When Slow Broadband Ruins Your Life

Slow broadband is the route of all evil and we imagine, one of the most frustrating problems as a student.

How many times can you turn the router on and off before accepting it’s just crazy slow?

1. You are crazy hungover and absolutely famished but can’t quite muster up enough physical energy to make it to the kitchen for food. You know the only viable option is to order pizza online because let’s be honest, you barely have any voice left for a call.

You’ve worked it all out, order and pay online. When it arrives your housemate can answer the door and bring it to you (you already know they are downstairs.)

A winning plan until…

The internet dies again and you just have to wither away in your hungover state.

2. It’s the last 30 seconds of the game on Fifa. The score is one all and you’re pelting towards the goal; no one can stop you now. You line up your player and as you are just about to take that winning shot, the loading wheel of death appears on your TV screen.

Whatever game it is you’re into, if you’re about to score, win or level up, you don’t want to be dealing with slow broadband.

3. The only way to tell your besties about your mad night out last night is face time, obviously!

The last thing you need is an internet connection from the dark ages when chatting away to your pals.

4. You’ve been working on your assignment for weeks (or you’ve winged it last minute. Hey, we’re not here to judge) and you quite literally have a couple of minutes until deadline closes. Who shows up?

Your nemesis. the loading wheel of death is back.

How is it possible for time to pass so slowly when that thing appears.

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