How To Stay Focused During Study Time

Procrastinating will do you and your stress levels no good. You WILL get piles of uni work and you will have to give it your best shot but you will also have deadlines.

It is easy to get swept away with the fun and carefree side of university life but believe it or not, you are actually there to study too. Don’t leave your work until the very last minute and try these tips to help you on your way to constructive study time…

Water – At risk of sounding like a concerned parent here, are you drinking enough water?
Lack of water can cause problems with concentration and memory as well as causing headaches. Keep a bottle or glass of water on your desk and try to have a sip every time you finish a paragraph. You will stay hydrated and topped up on fluids without even realising.

Get Ready – You may think study days call for sitting in your bed in your Pj’s because unless you are going to uni/the library then you probably won’t be leaving your room all that much.
Get up, have something to eat, have a shower and put on your makeup (if that’s your thing) and put on some comfortable clothes, not pyjamas!
Doing this will make you feel refreshed and ready to tackle the day ahead.

Set The Scene – Open the curtains, get out all your textbooks, reference material and stationery. Set up your ‘home office.’
Having everything you may need to hand means you can get so much more work done.

Turn Off Your Phone – Being distracted by Snapchat is not going to help your concentration levels one bit. Turn it off and set yourself targets i.e when I’ve done 1000 words I’ll have 30 minutes social media break.

Rosemary – This herb has been used for centuries in ancient medicines and is thought to improve memory. Have a rosemary plant at your workspace and give it a little sniff every now and again. They are low cost to buy and if nothing else, they do smell good.

Targets – Set yourself small targets and reward yourself when you have reached them. For example, work solidly for 45 minutes then reward yourself. Have a snack or make a cup of tea.
Get back to work and repeat. Our minds do wander so taking a small break and refocusing can be a fantastic way to keep you engaged.

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