How To Stay Healthy When Working

We’re all keen to make a good impression when it comes to our work, especially if its a new job.

While studying as well as working (and socialising) it becomes increasingly hard not to burn ourselves out. Staying healthy at work with a few key habits will help you stay A-okay.

– Eating & Drinking

We really are we are what we eat. Whatever we put into our bodies either helps or hinders our brains function and energy levels.

We know staff rooms are renowned for well-meaning colleagues bringing in sugary unhealthy snacks.

Make sure you take plenty of healthy snacks and prepare your lunch beforehand so you won’t be tempted to gorge on those cookies and keep your energy levels up during the afternoon slump.

Tea and coffee are great and all, especially if somebody else is making it but have a glass of water at your desk to sip throughout the day and maybe try swapping one or two of those hot drinks for a herbal tea.

– Get Up!

If your job involves sitting at a desk for hours on end, get up.

Every so often, have a stretch, got for a little walk or even just stand for a couple of minutes. Sitting still for long periods of times slows down your metabolism, affecting your body’s ability to regulate blood sugar and blood pressure.

– Posture

Simple yoga poses are great practice for good posture.

Slouching and having your computer out of your eye line can give you back and neck problems.

Sitting up straight with your feet flat on the floor will also help.

– Exercise

Adding small bits of exercise to your working day will not only help keep you healthy but also help banish the effects of sitting still for long periods of time. It’s also really good for our mental health.

Try walking at lunch, walking to work instead of driving/catching the bus, going to the gym before or after work and possibly getting in some stretches at your desk.

– Hygiene

Contained offices full of other humans are ideal breeding grounds for bug and illness. To reduce your chances of succumbing to the latest virus, get into the habit of cleaning your workspace (including keyboard and mouse) weekly.

This one is common sense and something you should be doing anyway BUT wash your hands every time you use the toilet and before you eat anything. Have some hand sanitiser on your desk also.

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