The end of University will no doubt be one of the most stressful and trying times of your life. Exam and career pressure is on. 

Keep up your motivation right until the very end with our handy tips. 


Stay Organised 

Make lists, plans, and charts to keep you on track with your studying. Cross off everything as you go along to keep you motivated. 


Study With Your Friends

Getting people to study with can be hugely motivational, just remember why you are all there and don’t get distracted.


Allow Yourself Time Out

Keep spirits high by allowing yourself small treats/timeout after each exam. We’re not saying go out, get drunk and be uselessly hungover for a few days but do treat yourself by socialising by booking tickets to a gig or having a takeaway for example. 


Take Care Of Yourself

Looking after yourself at this time is key. You need to be on your A game for your exams. Eating healthily and getting enough sleep will need to be your number one priority. We have a guide on getting a good nights sleep HERE.

Stock up on these brain foods to keep you going while you study too…


Dark chocolate

Wild salmon





Pomegranate juice