How to stay healthy and fit as a busy university student

Busy students tend to prioritise studying and socialising at university, and it’s easy to neglect staying healthy, fit, and looking after your mental health. However, maintaining a healthy lifestyle is essential for your overall well-being and success in your studies.

Eating well and staying fit doesn’t have to look like going to the gym five times a week and eating boring meals every day. There are plenty of ways to feel good and eat well at university while still enjoying yourself. For example, taking a walk between lectures or trying a new fitness class with friends can be a fun way to stay active.

It’s also important to make time for your mental health. Whether it’s practising mindfulness, joining a club or society, or talking to a counsellor, there are many resources available to support your mental well-being. Remember, taking care of yourself should always be a top priority. By implementing small changes in your daily routine, you can maintain a healthy lifestyle while still managing your busy schedule as a student.

Staying active

Fitting exercise in a busy university schedule can be hard sometimes, there are plenty of gym programmes around all university campuses that offer student memberships that are a lot more flexible. Is the gym not for you? Walking to university has its benefits, even if it’s only a 5 minute walk, it wakes you up for your lecture, is cost effective as you’re not paying for the bus and could be a good socialising activity if you buddy up with someone that lives close to you. 

Going on your daily ‘mental health walk’ can be a bit of a cliche, but it really can help! It can be a fun way to get to know your new city and explore new areas you haven’t seen before. Keeping fit comes with a myriad of health benefits. It makes you feel good, gives you more energy, destresses, and helps you sleep better.

Many of the Mezzino locations come with exercise facilities to help you along the way and give you some exercise variety. Well equipped gyms, table tennis tables, and secure cycle storage are there to help you easily get started on your fitness journey.

Eating Well

In terms of eating well, meal prep can be a lifesaver for busy students. Set aside some time on the weekends to prepare healthy meals for the week ahead. You can also experiment with different recipes and cuisines to keep things interesting. Additionally, there are many healthy snack options like fruits, nuts, and veggies that you can keep on hand for when you’re on the go.

Eating well doesn’t always mean preparing a fresh home cooked meal every day, especially when you’re a university student. Sometimes, opting for easy and quick meals like instant noodles is the best option and it’s completely fine to have them in moderation. Fortunately, there are lots of cheap and tasty foods out there that you can rely on. A classic university meal like beans on toast has plenty of nutrients and a quick tip: you can elevate baked beans by adding chilli or curry powder.

If you’re struggling for recipe ideas check out one of our latest posts with delicious student one-pot wonders! 🍲  

For the full method’s check out BBC Good Food’s student recipes:

Moving away from home presents the perfect opportunity to improve your cooking skills. You don’t have to start with complex recipes – begin with easy ones like a simple pasta bake recipe found online or even a stir fry which can be quick and easy to cook. Remember, practice makes perfect!

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