How To Stop Procrastinating at University

When it comes to studying we’re all guilty of procrastination from time to time and we can sometimes make up excuses as to why we keep putting it off. We also need to learn how to concentrate better when we’re at University – this means actively engaging in seminars, lectures and revision.

We’ve put together some ideas of how to work more smartly during your time at University.

1. Write by hand – writing by hand activates more regions of the brain than typing and it helps create a better memory recall. Writing notes online reduces comprehension not just for the individual using the computer but for everyone around them.

2. Don’t throw away the highlighters yet. Studies have shown that underlining, re-reading and summarising aren’t the best methods of learning. You could try talking out loud about your studies or recording yourself.

3. Revise out loud with your housemates – have some snacks on hand as well – this will make revision or study feel slightly less daunting!

4. Seminars are a fantastic opportunity to engage in discussions about your subjects. Studies show that seminars are a lot more beneficial to the student as their actively engaged rather than just passively listening in a lecture.

5. If you dress the part – you’ll act the part. We’re not saying suits and corporate wear we just mean smart dress as opposed to sweatpants – this can help you differentiate between studying and down time.

6. Focus on one thing at a time – this could mean turning your phone off or leave it in your bag.
Having the temptation to check your phone every few minutes can lead to hours of no work!

7. Make sure you’re eating well. Eating smartly can help you feel better in general and will help
you feel more pro-active when you’re doing your work. Yogurt and vegetables have all been shown in improve memory. Foods rich in sodium, sugar and saturated fat increase stress, depression, and negatively affect cognitive ability and inhibit memory.

8. Quality over studying – block out periods of time to focus. You might work better doing half an
hour here or there rather than two – three hours.

9. Walking. It has been shown that walking increases creative thinking, problem solving and drawing conclusions between complex ideas. It’s also good to get fresh air between periods of study.

10. Keep busy – keeping busy makes you more productive as you have less time to procrastinate.

11. Don’t be tempted in to all-nighters. Scrimping on sleep impacts the ability to concentrate and
retain information.

12. Reflection – studies have indicated that taking a break and reflecting on your performance
increases productivity.

13. Do some exercise. Exercise releases endorphins and ‘happy hormones’ so it will make you
feel more positive and have more energy when you’re doing your work.

We hope these tips help you concentrate better and make way for some smarter and more efficient working. Good luck!

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