How to make the most of your summer break

The summer months at university are a precious time and give you an opportunity to have a
well-earned break from your studying. Whilst you have the freedom you may want to use the
time productively by learning something new, earning some money, or looking after your
health and well-being.
The summer break will fly by all too quickly and it can be helpful to take a moment to think
through how you want to use the time. This week we wanted to share with you our ideas on
enjoying the university holiday period.
Get a summer job
Getting a job in a restaurant or bar are classic choices for students to replenish the bank
over July and August, but why not challenge yourself to do something a bit different?
There is a real camaraderie working as part of a group on the land picking fruit, helping in a
farm shop or supporting farmers with their animals. The physical demands are a different
stimulus to study and will keep you fit and healthy. Although you’ll go to bed each evening
exhausted, you’ll probably have the best sleep you’ve had in a while.
Any why not do this work abroad? Lots of people go through all their lives dreaming of
working on a French vineyard or an Italian olive farm. Or if the rustic rural life isn’t for you,
how about a bit of English teaching or staying with a family overseas as an au pair.
Do a sponsored challenge for charity
You can go mad and creative with this one. Biking across Europe, walking up the highest
peaks in Scotland, Wales, England and Northern Ireland, visiting every stately home in
Britain, or travelling across America in six weeks may seem too ordinary these days. That is
unless you strap a dog kennel to your back or pull a trailer with a washing machine in it!
Whatever challenge you set yourself make sure you can achieve it for the charity you
support and have lots of fun along the way.
Learn a language
A great way to learn in a different setting and go on a holiday of sorts is to travel abroad to
get to grips with a new lingo. There are loads of package options that have accommodation
included and give you the right balance between formal lessons, sightseeing and the social.
European languages tend to be go-to options, but again why go with the ordinary? Arabic or
Mandarin are much more challenging for English speakers to learn but may open-up more
interesting and lucrative career options and give you an opportunity to immerse yourself in a
different culture.
Relax and recharge
Why not keep it simple? You’ve no doubt had a stressful time with exams and meeting
coursework deadlines so perhaps you need a break to connect with friends, catch up on
sleep or read the pile of novels you’ve not had a chance to get to.
Maybe you haven’t really had the time to explore and get under the skin of the place you are
studying due to your fast-paced university life. Have a word with your Mezzino resident
coordinator to see what the local area has to offer and what you might see and do a bit further afield. Many of the Mezzino locations are open for you to stay over the summer months and we’d be delighted to chat through with you what options are available.

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