Super Speedy Microwave Puddings

We know that sometimes only cake will do.

We are going to let you into a little secret, mug cakes/microwave cakes are an actual thing, they are glorious and they are crazily quick to make.

Here are a few of our favourites…

– Peanut Butter & Jam Brownies

Larger than a mug cake, feeding 6 people instead of 1, these peanut butter and jam brownies are seriously indulgent and ready in only 15 minutes.

– Hot Mocha puddings

This recipe feeds 4 and does use quite a few ingredients you may not have in already but it is oh so worth it.

Prepped and cooked in only 10 minutes.

Top with ice cream and a little splash of liquor if you fancy.

– Microwave Coffee & Walnut Cake

A great recipe for knocking up a last minute cake as it contains ordinary cupboard staples. Super easy, feeds 4 and cooks in 10 minutes.

– Microwave Meringue

Didn’t know you could make meringue in the microwave?

Nope, neither did we.

This recipe is absolutely effortless and uses only 2 ingredients.

– 3 Minute Chocolate Pudding

This chocolate molten cake is sure to hit the comfort spot. Gooey, rich, extra chocolatey and ready in 3 minutes.

Serve with ice cream for a little bit of extra indulgence.

– Rice Pudding

Homemade rice pudding serving 6-8 people.

Does it get any better than homemade rice pudding?

Top and mix with any of your preferred ingredients. We like peanut butter, nuts, and seeds or frozen berries and maple syrup. YUM!

– White Chocolate & Berry Pudding

A delicious summery pudding to warm you up even on the coldest of days.

Serve with custard for extra warmth.

– Fastest-Ever Lemon Pudding

Fancy something a little zingier than the usual chocolate cake.

This fastest-ever lemon pudding cooks in only 4 minutes and goes great with a dollop of créme fraiche.

– Wacky Vegan Chocolate Cake For One

Completely vegan, moist (anybody else hate that word?) chocolate cake in a mug.

Throw in some raspberries, peanut butter or dark chocolate chunks for extra goo factor.

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