How To Survive Freshers Week

You are probably already excited and worried in equal measure about what exactly freshers week entails.

We’re not going to lie here, freshers week will certainly be a steep learning curve, especially if this is the first time living away from home for you. By the end of that first week though you will, for sure, know where the best pub is to get the most amount of drinks for a tenner.

The easiest way to make it through this overwhelming and potentially best week of your life is by being prepared…

Save – Try and save a freshers week fund prior to getting to uni. Other than the parties and activities you will be paying for you will actually have to buy essential study items too. Textbooks can be costly.
If you plan ahead and have extra money specifically for freshers week fun, you won’t have to struggle with the remainder of your student budget to live.

Always Be yourself – Trying to reinvent yourself at university may just come back to bite you on the bum when you can’t keep up the sherade any longer. Be yourself always and if people don’t like it, they are not worth your time.

Socialise – Even if you’re not the type to be forthright, do try and introduce yourself to your new flatmates. Be nice and friendly so you can all help each other through those first scary few weeks of university. You are all in the same boat after all.
If you just can’t muster up the courage to introduce yourself first, smile and be approachable and hopefully they will come to you.

Adulting – I know, it sounds pretty boring already right? You can’t just turn up to freshers week, go out all night and sleep all day. You will need to do some adult jobs also. You will have to go and register for your student card and be warned, the queues will be long. Be prepared and remember to take all the relevant paperwork to avoid you having to come back and do it all again.

FOMO – Fear of missing out is real but don’t be tempted to run yourself into the ground during freshers week. You simply haven’t got enough time to do everything. Why not organise a night in with your new flat mates wuth drinks, nibbles and games or movies. It will give you some much needed rest time with the added bonus or getting to know each other better.

Homesickness – Don’t waste your only freshers week feeling sorry for yourself. This is the first port of call in your uni life. Concentrate on building up a lovely room, finding new friends and creating a fantastic living sitaution for yourself.
If you find yourself really struggling have a look at these tips for homesickness.

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