How to survive as a student – staple food ideas

When you’re a student you want food to be made easy, ingredients as cheap as possible all at the same time as attempting to be healthy. Here’s a few easy ideas to get you started. Happy cooking!

Pasta bake

Most students will make this in their first week and will probably still be making it in their last week – it’s a real student staple. Pasta and tinned tomatoes will be your base and then get creative with you favourite veg, herbs and try reduced-fat crème fraîche for a lovely texture with less of the stodge.

Full of the good stuff, this bake will be ready in a flash and is healthy. Share with friends or freeze leftovers for easy mid-week meals.

Minestrone soup

Packed with veg and energy boosting carbohydrates, a big batch of this cheap and speedy soup is freezer friendly and full of goodness. Frozen veg means no chopping and gets a healthy and homely soup on the table in less than 10 minutes.


A cheap, healthy and tasty way of eating and it’s a great option if you’re eating with friends. Whether feeding friends or whipping up a mid-week main, you can’t go far wrong with fajitas. Add and swap ingredients to taste and budget.

Jacket potatoes

Jacket potatoes are a great speedy food when cooked in the microwave but taste their best when crisped up in the oven.

You can add all sorts of fillings to your potatoes like baked beans, cheese, tuna and sweetcorn and salad.

Thai curry

Pack your store cupboard full of Thai spices, curry paste and coconut milk and you’ll be ready to whip up a classic Asian curry – whatever the occasion.

Packed with goodness, this veggie feast should be a permanent fixture on all meal plans.


Don’t forget breakfast! Make your own granola and add your favourite nuts, fruit and seeds to rolled oats. Add honey for a healthy splash of sweetness.


Eggs are a cheap source of high quality protein and are rich in vitamins and minerals. Whipping up an omelette for one couldn’t be easier, making for a speedy lunch or satisfying solo supper.

You can’t go wrong with classic ham and cheese – add tomatoes for extra health benefits and peppers for extra crunch.

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