Take That Break At Uni

Uni life can become full on at the speed of light. You leave home and move into your new accommodation, have to sort out all of your belongings and make your room feel homely, then freshers week hits and along comes a week long drink and dance fest. And to top it all off, after all that carnage, you actually have to start studying and attending lectures.

Then come the coursework, dissertations and work placements and of course, while all of this is going on you are still managing to turn up to house parties and nights out because, well… FOMO!

Sometimes you will need to take a break and we’re not talking sitting in your jogging bottoms scrolling Instagram for hours on end here, oh no. Actual chill time can do your health and wellbeing the boost it may so desperately need at what can be an incredibly stressful and busy time.

If you don’t have the luxury of a bath, take a long shower. Try a shower gel/bath soak filled with lavender for all the sleepy vibes.

Put on some soothing music and your comfiest pj’s/loungewear and light a candle. If you’re not allowed candles, try fairy lights or a lamp. Get out your favourite book, Crochet or whatever chilled activity you like and spend some time away from everything else. No distractions!

I’m afraid this also means turning off your phone. Don’t be tempted to just ‘check’ facebook. We all know you will be knee deep in your best friends, cousins, boyfriends, brothers pictures from school in no time at all.

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