Ten things to do instead of clubbing

Getting fed up with red bull and vodka and waking up with a hangover from hell? We’ve put a few ideas together that will not only make you feel better health wise but you’re bank account is sure to say thank you for doing something else other than going out.

Get cultured

Take a trip to the cinema or what about a comedy club? It’s a good laugh and generally pretty cheap. If that’s not to your taste, the theatre is also a good idea – productions are always touring the UK and it doesn’t have to be expensive if you don’t mind the restricted view.

Join a society

Joining societies are the best ways to escape normal University life and a good way of meeting people who are in to similar things you’re into.

Staying in is the new going out

It’s time to break out the duvet, order some pizza and make some popcorn for a girls night in (or boys). Order your pizza and get settled in and then make your viewing choices. Movie or TV marathon?

Tea time

A great way to remedy this is to take a day and go round visiting all of them, one cup of tea at a time. Spend an hour with each and move on, having a good catch up and filling yourself up on their biscuits while you go!

Pamper night

Treat yourself to a face mask, put some moisturiser on and get a hot chocolate – perfect for those nights you have to yourself.

Be a kid again

Laser questing, trampoline parks or paint balling are fun ways to get out and do something different at the same time as releasing some energy!

Get up and do some exercise

Go to the gym: it’s warm, there’s TV, radio and showers, if you paid the hefty fee at the beginning of term, and you’re finally feeling like you’re being good and burning off the extraordinary amount of chocolate you ate last week. Even if you don’t want to pay for the gym, you can still go for a run for free. This is an especially good idea in exam season when exercise can be a really good break.

Eat together

Try to start a tradition of cooking a nice meal together every Sunday and splitting the cost. You can do a roast dinner for £1.50 each and it gives you all a chance to catch up and remember why you moved in together in the first place.

Go out for a meal

After all the essays and exams and general stress, occasionally it’s nice to treat yourself by having dinner at a restaurant. Plenty of places do discount codes and student discount and have vouchers you can download to get your meal cheaper. Having a night where you can eat nice food and drink a glass of wine with your friends is an enjoyable break.

Do some work?

It’s better for your stress levels if you start your work early rather than putting it off, leaving you plenty of time to do fun activities after it’s all done! 

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