Things Students Scrimp On (But Really Shouldn’t)

Who doesn’t love a bargain? And no one loves a good deal more than students, the less money you spend on the boring stuff like bills, the more you can spend on pizza and beer. But, believe it or not, there are some things that you really shouldn’t be scrimping on.


Slow broadband is such an aggravating issue that we wrote a whole blog post about it. There’s nothing worse than trying to upload an assignment on the brink of the deadline when your broadband keeps dipping out. Seriously, it’s not that expensive. Put your hands in your pockets, pay another couple of quid each month and get yourself a broadband connection that won’t leave you wanting to throw your laptop through the window. Alternatively, get yourself into a Mezzino flat. All our properties have high-speed wifi included.


Insurance is one of those things that you resent paying for until you actually need it. And if the time comes for you to claim your broken laptop, you don’t want your insurance provider to turn round and tell you that they won’t cover you. No, it didn’t ‘just stop working’ and that they know you spilt beer on the keyboard because the liquid sensor tab has been activated. That accidental damage cover isn’t looking so expensive now, is it? Save yourself the aggro; get an insurance policy that covers you for that worst case scenario. Even if you promise yourself you’ll just make sure your drink is nowhere near your laptop, it can still happen. Trust me.

Bin Liners

Picture this: you’re walking down the four flights of stairs from your flat down to the bins with a bin bag containing a week’s worth of student rubbish. All of a sudden you feel something seeping into your jeans. Yep. The bag has split, and all the liquid remnants of the week’s worth of rubbish is working its way down your leg. In one last attempt to ruin your day, the bin bag splits completely, leaving you with a soggy leg and a whole load of mess to clean up. You know how this could have been avoided?

Spending an extra 30p on bin bags. Don’t scrimp on bin bags.


‘If I just get a flat that’s £20 a week cheaper, then I can afford to eat pizza and go out at least twice a week’. Student digs are renowned for being a little down-market, and when they’re bad, they’re really bad. They can be horrid. That £20 a week can be the difference between socks squelching as your feet touch the condensation covered lino floor and warm, dry feet all year round. The same £20 a week can be the difference between constant coughing because of the mould growing in the corner of your bedroom and having a room that you’re happy to invite mum and dad to come and see.

That’s not to say you need to spend a fortune, not by a long way. We offer student accommodation from as little as £65 a week; you shouldn’t scrimp, but you don’t need to splurge either.

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