Things You Will Learn To Love As A Student

There are so many things you will learn to love when you become a student.

Things you may not have given a second thought before…

– Freeeedom!

You won’t have to tell anybody what time you are goings to be home, where you are going or who with.

You are officially a young adult now. Whoop!

– Student Loans

Student loan day will become your most favourite day. Before your bills go out that is. UGH!

– Student Discount

Student discounts are available almost anywhere these days so take full advantage. You will only shop where there is a discount.

– Living With Other People

You might dread the thought of living a bunch of strangers but you become so used to each other you will learn to love it.

You’ll then dread living on your own with nobody hoovering at 1 am, nobody stealing your food, and actually being able to use a plate without having to scrape the mould off first. It will just be weird.

– Hangovers

We imagine the hangovers before uni are plagued with guilt, guilt because your parents are pottering around your room, asking when you are going to get up o, even worse… when are you going to get a job?

Hangovers HURT but at least at uni you can sleep and Netflix marathon your way through them away with zero guilt.

– Pre-Drinks

Your pre-drinks will be so epic there will always be at least one of the group that doesn’t even make it out after.

– Pasta

If you don’t like pasta now, you will when you get to uni.

Pasta is a student staple. Cheap, simple to cook and comes in so many different varieties.

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