Things You Need To Decorate Your Accommodation Room

Starting university can be an overwhelming experience, but one way to ease yourself into this new phase is to make your surroundings more comforting. However, when moving into temporary accommodation, you are probably hesitant to attempt much decorating. But we’ve put together a list of 6 things that you can do to temporarily add your personality to your accommodation room…

  1. Bedding with personality –

Probably the easiest thing to personalise in your new room, is your bedding. Spice things up with a fresh and colourful duvet set that reflects your personality. And why not add some fun scatter cushions, to add more comfort and help to make a space that you want to be in.

  1. Lay a rug –

Brighten up the monotonous flooring with a rug. This simple decoration makes the space look more attractive as well as making your room fell more homely.

  1. Hang temporary artwork –

It is easier than ever to decorate your walls without having to create permanent holes with crews or nails… picture hanging strips make it easy to hang up your favourite artwork. So, bring a poster from home, or get a new one especially for the move!

  1. Invest in desk organisation –

A desk will probably be the most useful fixture in your student room, given all the assignments and revising you will have coming. But a desk can easily become cluttered and unattractive. Invest in some organisation solutions to keep your study area pleasant and clear. A tidy desk will go along way in making your room an enjoyable space.

  1. Try hanging some fairy lights –

It is a classic… It is fascinating how much a simple string of fairy lights can add to the character of your room. You can even peg up photos from home on a string of lights – a two-for-one!

  1. Hang a tapestry –

If you can’t hang up pictures and artwork (or even if you can!), why not try hanging a tapestry? This can help to create the illusion of wallpaper, helping you to style your room in line with your own personality.

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