Tips for Making Your Room More ‘Remote Learning-Friendly’

Just when we thought that things might finally be on the rise as we head into a new year, the country has once again been placed under a lockdown. Not only does this mean that students aren’t able to visit all the sights, social venues, and shops that their university town has to offer, but also that remote learning is now standard.

Staying motivated can be difficult in the best of times, but having to live and work in the same place can be particularly tricky. That’s why we’ve put together some top tips to help make your space more ‘remote learning-friendly’!

1. Dress for Your Work

By now, we have all had our share of pyjama and duvet days – a necessary measure after nine months of restrictions – but when trying to work effectively from home, ditching the PJs is a quick and easy way to get you feeling more motivated. This doesn’t mean that you need to don your fanciest, most uncomfortable clothes, but losing the dressing gown is a good place to start!

Although this is quite a simple tip, getting dressed in the morning is an integral part of our usual routines which can make a huge difference to our outlook for the day. Taking a shower and dressing as you might if you were headed to a lecture or seminar will send your brain a clear message that it’s time to focus!

2. Stick to a Schedule

Although university schedules might not be the most convenient in the world, they definitely force us to plan ahead and effectively divide our day into more bitesize periods. Thankfully, online seminars and lectures will help to maintain this schedule to a certain extent, but try to do more. 

Planning both your lunch period and meal ahead, and dividing your revision and work time into different subjects will help to keep your day structured and maintain your motivation to get through remote learning!

3. Get Rid of your Distractions

Perhaps one of the most difficult things about learning and working from home is just how easy it is to get distracted. Whether that is scrolling down your social media feeds and online shopping, or sorting out this week’s washing, there is an abundance of things that can distract from your work.

In order to learn and work from home effectively, it is essential to find a balance between eliminating and embracing these distractions. Embrace some of the perks of being at home – such as getting on top of your washing and cleaning during breaks – but don’t let these distractions take over your work schedule.

Put your phone away from your workspace to remove the urge of checking your Instagram feed every five minutes and don’t try to work with your TV on!

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