Top Tips for Transitioning Back to Uni Life After the Christmas Break

Returning home from university for the festive period can be full of different emotions – from being excited about spending Christmas and New Year with your family and friends, to sadness and apprehension when you have to leave once again and head back to your student accommodation. You may be surprised just how quickly you slipped back into your old routines, or perhaps you have had a tough time getting used to living back at home again. Either way, there will be a certain amount of preparation required to get you ready to face a change of scenery.

While every student’s experience will be different – some may be excited to head back to their university home while others may be dreading it – we have put together some top tips for dealing with the transition.

Make sure you pack everything you need

For many students, heading home can mean travelling a long way – maybe from the other side of the country, or even from abroad! This makes it essential that you make sure you have everything you need before you set off for your university town. It is a good idea to sit down and make a list to check off while you are packing. Don’t forget essentials like your laptop, chargers, and favourite clothes.

If you are travelling on public transport at any point from your home to your student accommodation – don’t forget your masks and anti-bac gel!

Pack some home comforts

While the essentials are important – obviously – taking some non-essential treats to remind you of home is never a bad idea. Think, your favourite books or some lightweight furnishings from your room (e.g. cushions or a blanket) that will make your accommodation feel a little more homely. If you’re lucky, your parents/guardians might even send you away with some comforting home-cooked meals!

Make plans to meet up with friends and family

If you’re not particularly excited about heading back to uni, putting a date in the diary for when your friends/family from home can come to you for a visit (or vice versa) can be a real help. Having something to look forward to can help push you through your home-sickness and set you up for a good term at university. 

Make an effort with your university friends

Although it might be sad to say goodbye to your friends and family from home again, remember to continue making an effort with those around you at university – whether that be your flatmates or fellow students on your course. Whether it’s going for a coffee between lectures or a drink after a long day, or even just a quiet movie night at the flat, making time for some social downtime is important for keeping your mind healthy. 

Get back into your university work

Most of the time, it is easy to end up doing less work than we plan to do – no matter how serious our intentions are at the beginning of the Christmas break. If you are missing home, getting stuck into your university work is a great way to take your mind off it – and get ahead at the beginning of the new semester!

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