Transitioning From Student Accommodation

Moving out from your student accommodation into a shared house can be daunting and it can be a difficult transition.

If you’re not familiar with your rights and responsibilities as a tenant, you may find yourself in a bit of trouble when you need to move again. We’ve put together a few tips on what to keep in mind when moving into your new pad.

1. What type of contract are you in?

Students renting will either have a joint or separate tenancy. If you have a joint tenancy, you all have the same responsibility. So, if one person moves out or can’t pay, the rest of you may have to pay their share.

If you have a fixed-term tenancy and one of you wants to leave before the contract is up, the landlord may enforce you to pay the full length of the tenancy.

If you have a joint fixed term tenancy the landlord may demand that the contract can’t end unless all the housemates leave.

2. Do an inventory

Make sure you do a good check of your residence when you move in – this includes looking for any damages and the overall condition of the house. If problems aren’t recorded you may be liable to pay for any damages. You also might be able to claim your deposit back if there are damages in your accommodation.

3. Know how to contact your landlord

Make sure you have a good contact for your landlord. Hopefully, you will be able to contact your landlord via e-mail and phone.

4. Pay your bills

You need to make sure you sort out your household bills when you move in. You need to contact your bill provider and get all your names on the bill so you’re all liable.

5. Set up your TV license

You need to make sure you have TV license in your house if you’re watching tv or tv catch up. If you don’t pay it you risk a massive fine.

6. Respect the local council

Students don’t need to pay any council tax but it will be your responsibility to dispose of your rubbish correctly. You may receive a fine if you don’t get rid of your waste properly.


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