The Uk’s Most Haunted Locations

Do you know all there is to know about your cities grizzly past?

The UK is known to have many haunted locations and even boasts some of the most haunted cities in the world. So just in time for Halloween we’ve conjured up some information on the UK’s most haunted locations.

Borley Rectory, Essex

Borley Rectory was badly damaged by fire in 1939 then later demolished in 1944. The gothic style rectory is named as the most haunted house in Britain.

Legend has it that the monk and a nun fell in love and had decided to elope together but they were found out. A friend of the monk had planned to help them escape. They were caught and the coachmen beheaded, the monk hanged and the nun was bricked up alive (harsh) in the walls of the vaults beneath the rectory.

The Tower Of London

One of the most famous places in the UK history books, not least during Henry VIII’s reign. Henry ordered his wife Anne Boleyn to be beheaded at the Tower in 1536 for treason. Her ghost supposedly haunts the chapel of St Peter ad Vincula, where she is buried. It has been said she walks around carrying her head under her arm.

Hampton Court Palace

Henry VIII’s deceased wives seem to frequent this palace too. At over 502 years old it’s not surprising that Hampton Court Palace is loaded with ghost stories.

Catherine Howard is supposedly one of the palace’s many ghosts. She was executed in the Tower Of London but was held at Hampton Court palace under house arrest. There have been many reports of hearing Catherine’s screams from the gallery, already well known as the haunted gallery.
St Briavels Castle

St Briavels Castle is regarded as THE most haunted castle in the whole of England. It is also the number 1 hotspot for ghost hunters with not many leaving without witnessing some paranormal activity. The castle was originally built between 1075 and 1129 and has had many uses during its time. It was completely renovated during the 20th Century and is now used as a youth hostel.

There are reports of a crying baby in the Solar room, a person in a full suit of armor in the castle keep area, Poltergeist activity in the prison and many moving beds. The state apartment is one of the oldest remaining parts of the castle and is supposedly haunted by a young girl in a white dress.

35 Stonegate, York

35 Stonegate is one of Yorks oldest buildings at over 700 years old. It has survived through so much history and even boasts some of the buildings original features.

Guests have reported being touched on the head and felt their chairs move with nobody around them. A distraught girl is said to hang around the kitchen, a man dressed in black they call Tom resides on the second floor and the figure of a balding monk has been seen in the lantern room.

Browns Pie Shop, Lincoln

Browns are thought to have been built in the 17th Century and were originally a pub called The Fox and Hounds.

Humphrey is one of Lincolns most famous ghosts and resides in Browns Pie shop on the Steep hill. Said to be a boy of around 8 years old he has become a bit of a local celebrity in Lincoln and can be very mischevious. He makes himself by know by moving pots and pans until you acknowledge him.

Niddry Street Vaults, Scotland

Towards the end of the 18th Century, the Niddry Street vaults were home to numerous taverns, merchants and the less than desired. The infamous body snatchers Burke and Hare were thought to store their victim’s bodies down there.

Little sunlight, lack of water and bad sanitation, as well as cramped living conditions, meant mortality rates were extremely high.

The vaults are still used by witches today and one or two of the vaults are said to house some monstrous energies including a vicious poltergeist that is said to have attacked a number of visitors.

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