University Deadlines

Deadlines are something every student has to face whether you like it or not.

They are essential.

You can either buckle under the pressure or you can use our tips to make sure you achieve success on ‘hand in’ day.

An online or wall planner will be your best friend during your uni life, especially if you’re no good at remembering dates.

Knowing when your deadlines are is the first step to actually getting your work in on time.

Make a note on your new planner of your deadline dates but make sure they stand out. You don’t want them getting lost amongst all your social gatherings.

You know you’ve got deadlines and that you have to stick to them so it’s important to balance your time prior. Split your workload into sections so you don’t crack under the pressure of an epic writing session and end up throwing in the towel.

Splitting it up into dedicated writing days avoids procrastinating and eases the pressure of trying to get it all done in one go.

Start with the hardest task first. Once that has been completed you can continue the easier parts with plenty of time before deadline day and less pressure knowing you’ve got the hard part to finish at the end.

If you are a super procrastinator then you will also need to use your calendar/wall planner to schedule in that study time.

When approaching your work, consider what effect it will have on the quality if you leave it until last minute.

Rushing your work may mean you make more mistakes. You might not have enough time to proof-read your work properly also.

Of course, as long as you make your deadline then nobody can discredit you for that BUT do you really want to hand in your work knowing you could have done better had you spent more time on it?

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