University Life Truths

In those first few days/weeks, you may have been overrun with nerves and it’s probably not helped by the uni life misconceptions. Everybody’s personal experience is, of course, different but most students will come to the same realisations at some point.

Here are our university life truths…

1. We would say that plenty of newcomers to university will all feel the same, anxious!
It could feel like everyone around you is better at making friends, talking socially, and just generally better at having their shizz together. Do try and remember though that sometimes confidence is only skin deep and they are more likely to be feeling just like you do on the inside.

2. If you manage to get through university life without ever having to get a part-time job then you are either extremely lucky or super savvy with money. A job during your time at uni is more often than not a necessity.

3. Your subsequent study years after the first will not be such a breeze. You really can’t just ‘wing it.’
Second year is where the work really ramps up and you really do have to get your head down.

4. Unfortunately, university isn’t just about partying. You will still have to lead a pretty normal adult life too. Washing pots and clothes, cleaning your own rooms, arranging your own GP/dentist appointments and making sure you eat properly. We know, how boring?

5. Just because you are going to university doesn’t mean all those awkward encounters will suddenly disappear. Seeing that person you drunkenly declared your undying love for and saying something in public that made you want the ground to swallow you whole will more than likely still happen to you. Just go with it.

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