Vegan Eats On The Cheap

It’s cool to be kind AND it is also actually more cost-effective to eat a plant-based diet, not to mention better for the environment.

Try swapping at least one meat-based meal over to a vegan-friendly dish and weigh it up for yourself.

Here are our favourite vegan cheap eats…

Posh Beans On Toast

Of course, you can go for a good old tin of beans (we don’t judge here, they are delicious) BUT this recipe is smokey, a little bit more special and high in protein.

Tofu Scramble

It may seem like a lot of ingredients to start with but most, if not all of them are store cupboard staples. Tofu is full of protein and contains all 8 essential amino acids.

Sweet Potato Tortilla Soup

A vegan twist on the Mexican classic tortilla soup. Sweet and spicy and SO MANY different topping options.

Curried Lentils

Lentils are super cheap, easy to cook, really versatile and I think personally totally underrated. If you love a good curry but aren’t quite on board with lentils yet then give this recipe a go.

Spaghetti Bolognese

You can’t beat a comforting bowl of spag bol now, can you?

Make this fresh recipe with either vegan Quorn mince (usual Quorn mince isn’t vegan), lentils or even diced mushrooms.

– Nacho’s

Everybody favours a different nacho topping, don’t they?

Whether it’s chili con carne, cheese, beans or salsa this nacho recipe with an aubergine queso has it all.

Smashed Beetroot And Fried Avocado On Toast

Substitute the egg for vegan-friendly mayo in this recipe and you’ve got a next level avocado on toast.


This lasagne recipe uses minimal ingredients to make it super simple. Feel free to loads it with different types of veggies too. Courgette and peppers work really well in lasagne.


Vegan Sandwich Fillings

I think one of the hardest things about eating more plants based foods is finding a good sarnie filling. Most store-bought sandwiches and wraps whether you are vegan or not are overpriced and bland, so make yours at home…

– Sliced tomatoes, sundried tomato paste, salt, pepper and fresh leaves.

– Vegan ‘bacon’, tomato, lettuce and vegan mayo.

– Hummus, sliced avocado, and cucumber.

– Falafel, chilli sauce (or sweet chilli sauce) lettuce and spring onion.

– Chocolate spread, nut butter and banana.

– Scrambled tofu, mayo, sweetcorn and cress.

– Smashed chickpeas mixed with mayo and red onion.

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