Watch The Pennies And The Pounds Will Look After Themselves

Managing your budget is one of the hardest parts of university life, especially if you are living solely off your student loan.

Scrambling around for change to buy anything but a supply of 8 pence noodles is no way to live.

Here are some ideas to make an extra bit of dough…

– Get A Job

The most obvious way to deal with uni money woes would be to get a job of course.

University cities are full of bars, cafes, shops and endless other opportunities for occasional and part-time employment.

Send online CV’s, hand them into business wherever you can. Check sites like e4s and job searching apps HERE.

– Do Some Freelance Work

Doing a bit of freelance work will bring in some extra money as well as gaining a bit of work experience before you look for that post-grad job.

– Tutoring

Do you have a particular skill you could teach?

Use your knowledge and you could earn around £15-£35 an hour depending on what you are teaching of course.

– Promo Work

Becoming a brand ambassador is a great way to earn some good money. This can be anything from handing out food samples to doing live demo’s using the product/ingredients.

For more information on how to become a brand ambassador contact companies like Mash Staffing, Beautiful Minds or ID Staffing.

– Be An Extra

Sign up to sites like Be On Screen and Star Now and make a bit of cash by being an extra.

– Mystery Shopping

The demand for mystery shoppers is growing with around 50,000 mystery shopping trips being carried out each month here in the UK alone.

You are required to complete a thorough report after your trip but the prices vary depending on the job.

They can range from just a few pounds to over £100.

Look at sites like Market Force and Mystery Dining to sign up.

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