What About After University?

End of year and life as you know it is fast approaching. You may feel like you’re still 18 and only been studying and living that uni life for approximately 2 minutes.

Life can feel difficult after graduating but fear not, we have some ideas to get you excited for your future.

You might want to search for a graduate job, study at postgrad level, or take some time out to go travelling or even volunteer.

– Network

Put your professional head on and get out and network with people within your chosen industry and prospective employers.

Make sure your online presence is managed correctly and used to benefit your working life. LinkedIn is THE place employers will look you up but be warned, they may also try and scope you out on other social media platforms. So keep them clean or extremely private at least.

– Applying For A Graduate Job

Going to your university careers office should be your first port of call. Most of them will support you following your uni departure too if you require it.

They are there to support you and give you solid career advice so utilise them.

– What If I get a 2:2?

Graduate schemes are only one of your options for work after uni so don’t worry.

Most places value work experience depending on the career you want to go in to. You could also take on post-grad study to improve your chance of employment.

– Post Graduate Study

Embarking on a post-graduation qualification can help develop your specialist, in-depth knowledge of your undergraduate study and it may increase your employability.

– What about a gap year?

You could take a gap year if you want to see more of the world, buff up on your language knowledge, meet new people or scope out new cities/countries to live in.

Do make sure you have a plan thought as a job simply won’t just fall into your lap. You will still need to put effort into the search for work.

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