What To Do If You Want To Change Your University Course

Everyone is different when it comes to settling into university life. It can take time to get used to your new course or living in student halls. However, if you decide that the course you have picked is definitely not for you, then it is possible to change to a new one that might be a better fit.

First Steps

If you are considering the possibility of switching to a different course, the best course of action is to speak to your course leader. The process of changing to a different subject can differ between universities, but your course leader should be able to answer any questions you have about how you should proceed.

Alternatively, they should also be able to look at all of your other options with you, including providing support should you decide to stay on your original course. A chat with your course leader could help you decide for sure, whether that be to give your course another chance, or move on to something else.

Things you should consider

Before you commit to changing your course, there are a number of things you should consider:

What are your reasons for switching courses?

– You will need to answer questions about your decision to leave your course, and it is important to let your university know that you are taking your studies seriously.

Would changing your modules be a better option?

– Many courses allow its students to select from a variety of module options. Consider whether there are other modules that may be better suited to you, and whether this may be a better option than leaving your course altogether.

How different is the course you want to transfer to?

– If the course you are considering transferring to is quite similar to your current course, it might be possible to transfer some of your credits over. However, if the course is very different, this probably won’t be possible. This is important to consider, as you may be required to catch up on additional work or even begin the course from the beginning.

Extra fees

– If you would be required to start your new course from the beginning, you would probably have to take out an additional student loan, for both tuition, and accommodation if you are living away from home. This is very important, as you will be required to get your additional funding in place – though your university will be able to offer support with your applications.

The process

If you have considered all of these things and are still certain that switching courses is the best move for you, then you can push ahead. The process may differ from university to university, and course to course. You may be required to simply fill out an application, have an interview with your prospect course staff, or even complete some additional work before transferring. But, rest easy knowing that course transferral is always an option, if your university experience isn’t what you were expecting.

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