Where To Go After Graduation

Your dissertation is handed in, you may have one or two exams to go but you are so close to graduation. Where do you go from here though?

You’ve spent three or more years of your life living with your pals, studying, partying, having Netflix marathons and generally having loads of fun but now comes ‘real life’

Here are some ideas to get you going…

– Take A Year Out

You’ve worked like crazy since transitioning from the sixth form to university, never taking a year out before cracking on with uni life. Now you are thrust into the pressure of sorting out your career maybe with yet fully knowing what it is you actually want to do.

It doesn’t work for everyone but taking a year out for some, can be hugely beneficial.

You could take on a local job and save some money or even going traveling for the most part of a year, work abroad or volunteer. Timeout can sometimes give you that bit of clarity you need before going into the working world.

– Further Study

You might not be quite ready to leave your studies behind.

The one thing to figure out here is which type of post-grad study will help you in your chosen career path.

You could go on to do a masters degree which will be a lot like your undergrad studies with structure, lectures, group work and a dissertation.

Alternatively, you could go onto post-grad research.

Research post-graduate studies are much less structured and are usually left to carry out their studies independently.

– Working Life

Will you work tirelessly to bag that graduate job or would you be willing to take on an internship?

An internship can be something you get into while you are still studying to get more experience in your chosen field and possibly a job offer at the end.

If you’d prefer to go for a graduate job then be prepared for some stiff competition. There may be hundreds of people applying for the same exact job as you.

Make sure your online presence is up to date and wont incriminate you in any way because potential employer will scope you out online first.

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