Will You Get A Student Job?

Some students may feel having a part time job whilst studying may be detrimental to the work they produce but that doesn’t have to be the case.

With a little organisation and time management, there’s no reason you can’t get yourself a little job. The extra money could be super helpful for your living costs. You could buy new clothes, eat out every now and then or maybe even save for a festival/holiday next year.

So you have decided to get out there and earn some extra cash but where do you start?

Get Yourself Out There

Check in at the students union as they usually offer jobs aroudn campus. Keep your eye on the student newsletter for any vacancies. Also drop inot local pubs, bars, restaurants and shops and ask if they have any jobs available or anything coming up in the future.

Think about when your fellow students will be going home, i.e Christmas and summer. Enquire about jobs during the holidays in plenty of time. Lots of businesses want temporary staff around these times.

If you think that just may be too much responsibilty, you could get paid to fill out online surveys or become a secret shopper.

Time Management

Be honest with yourself and your employer. Can you really work that extra shift when you’ve got a uni deadline fast approaching?

Get yourself a calendar or a diary and write down EVERYTHING. Lectures, study deadlines, social events and your work shifts too. Being on the ball with your organisation skills will preent you double booking yourself and letting people down last minute.

Think Of The Future

Any job can be a great introduction to the workplace. I shows you have initiative.

If you can get a job in your field of career interest, network well with your colleagues and work hard and you might even be able to bag yourself a graduate job before you’ve even finished uni.

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