Work Experience Is Key

Gathering as much work experience as possible while you are studying is pretty crucial.

If you rock up to your post-grad interview with zero work experience it will be a solid ‘No’ from the get-go.

You could do an internship from a couple of hours a week, a full week or even a long-term placement.

Here are some tips to help you prep for that all important work…

Do your research

You need to turn up on your first day with some background of what the company does. This is key because it shows that you are genuinely interested in your new position. It’s good to be able to mention that you’ve seen what the company does and you could even ask to get involved in areas of the business that you’ve found out about through your research.

Efficiency is key

It’s important to show how efficient and hard-working you are. Aim to complete tasks quickly – show that you’re great at putting in hard work, but at the same time you’re capable of meeting deadlines.
When you prove how efficient you are in smaller tasks, you’ll potentially have the reward of being asked to do something bigger and more interesting.

Show willing to learn

When you’re at work, remember that no job is too little or too much. Whether you’re asked to make cups of tea for everyone in the office or you’re asked to input some data into a spreadsheet – it’s important to willingly take on all kinds of tasks. You never know – you may end up learning a brand-new skill which will further enhance your CV and help you in further employment.

Make contacts

Opportunities can arise from internships and work placements and you’ll be surprised how much they help you in the future. It’s important to build up a good relationship with your manager so they act as a reference for the future. If you are asked to attend a meeting, show your interest as this could open the door to even more connections.

Embrace your work

Make the most out of every single aspect of your industry. You should keep yourself in the know of what is going on in your field of work. You should read industry related blogs, press and keep up to date with it on social media.

Always go the extra mile

In general, in any job going the extra mile is an unwritten rule and it’s especially important for internships.
This could be anything – it could be making suggestions on what could be different to offering to take on a task or just making some cakes for everyone in the office. It’s always a positive thing to be remembered for the good things you’ve done for your colleagues.

Internships are the perfect way to get your foot in the door for your dream career. Enjoy every moment and enjoy the learning process!

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